About Gossengold

"Be yourself!"

Some dress to avoid being naked. Others want a lot more with their clothes: they want to have fun, express emotions and show that they are unique. This is where Gossengold comes in.

Always do what makes you happy, fulfills you and makes you who you are - this was Dominik Wiederer-Tuschl's maxim when he founded the Gossengold label in 2011. Inspired by strong women, he creates an individual look that appeals to all those who make a clear statement and want to stand out from the crowd. The slogan shirts, sweatshirts, skirts and dresses therefore speak a clear language: be yourself and forget all conventions.

Individuality instead of mass-produced goods

Each Gossengold part has its own story, which is created in the Nuremberg creative studio and is implemented by selected textile manufacturers in a limited edition. The statement pieces are then individually printed by hand by Dominik and his team in Nuremberg. This makes Gossengold's fashion unique. As unique as all those who wear them.